Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mobile applications or the battle for “content value” in the digital age

Today we keep measuring the success of an application by the number of downloads, similar to YouTube spots by the number of hits.
They’re meant to offer entertaining content and are usually access free, when advocating /representing a certain brand.

How about leading “looking-for-fun” users all the way through to “want-to-buy” consumers? How about the bounce rate?

Shall we witness in the future a “creative rush” of companies trying to “please” the consumers by pushing on innovative solutions to make it more convenient to use and consume?…and all that in exchange for a “must stop-by” interest.

Eventually the new Iphone application launched recently by Pizza Hut and
marketed as the “Revolution in mobile ordering” has become a hype among American pizza fans – over 150 000 downloads in just 2 weeks-time.
Content? Virtual pizza ordering, by letting you actually “drag and drop” the ingredients instead of just naming them via a phone call ordering, as shown below:

Moreover, there’s a “Virtual Fridge” where you can get coupons to add to your order and a game called “Pizza Hut Racer” – a nice, themed added-value content to keep you entertained.

Even though the application is yet available only in the US, it seems it could be welcome elsewhere as well (see YouTube comments).

The question is: Does it make me order more or I’ll just pick up the phone next time? Or if it’s not only about the sales figures – it’s obviously working for the brand awareness and its free publicity, isn’t it?

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Icesoft on August 12, 2009 at 11:41 AM said...

Really interesting, I didn't know about this application at all, and for sure I would use it if gets to the UK at some point. It's very convenient, specially because you have the full range of options (toppings, sauces, etc.) at the tip of your fingers...

Brand awareness raised? for sure. Just imagine next time you are going to order food with your friends, I'm sure all will remember that you have this little Pizza Hut application in your phone.

NMO on August 12, 2009 at 3:20 PM said...

There's a bit more to it.. Apparently brands are starting to get to grips with mobile marketing. So the NewMediaAge reports today on Paramout Pictures launching an interactive campaign to promote its release of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Except for Social Media platforms used, the company will involve IPhone game applications to reach @the widest audience possible"...

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