Monday, September 14, 2009

Twitter usage - ahead of any industry forecasts?

It appears that 2006 was the year of global social networking upheaval: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace - (US), Tuenti (main Spanish social networking platform), Odnoklassniki & VKontakte (Main Russian portals),etc. In spite of early predictions, social networking platforms continue to show significant popularity growth among both consumer and corporate worlds.

Moreover, recent statistics show that it's not only a teenagers' medium, but also a more frequent destination for young professionals aged between 24-35 and even 35-49 (Nielsen Wire)

If in February Nielsen revealed that Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform (1382% growth rate), as compared to Facebook (228%), then today eMarketer published the results of a new study, which states that Twitter growth rate in US accounts for 200% increase over 2008, reaching over 18 million US accounts only.

Still, this isn't a global figure, which according to some sources has reached 44 million Twitter users worldwide. Moreover, because many users access Twitter via mobile applications, text messages (only in US so far), desktop applications, it became difficult to track active Twitterers in order to establish more accurate usage figures.

Anyway, even though eMarketer assumes that there's a large number of users who only open a Twitter account on experiential grounds for a short-term presence, still, its uncertain existance at its early stage has translated into a mainstream media today and when used properly it may result in benefits for both personal or corporate brands.

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Most Interesting Ideas on September 15, 2009 at 8:10 PM said...

Nadya, hello from LinkedIN :)
I personally have twitter account and facebook accaunt for most interesting ideas posts and sharing them with other people.

Nadya Tatarciuc said...

Thank you, Alexander. Would be glad to connect!

Jen Bonhomme on November 25, 2009 at 4:22 AM said...

Usually such rapid growth can be a bad sign (especially when 70% of new users don't return). I think Twitter would benefit from more steady growth like Facebook is seeing. My prediction is that Twitter will drop off with mainstream consumers and will be primarily used as an industry tool for techies, journalists, PRs, etc.

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