Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Google's new integrated advertising solution - announced today

Google announced today the launch of a major UK auction-based video ad platform for YouTube.

A couple of months ago major advertising media sources announced both Yahoo! and Google's intentions to bolster advertising solutions, by means of launching new advanced features and services.

For example, in June 2009 Yahoo! announced its new self-serve display advertising service, allowing companies to create their own online ads. The product provided advertisers with more than 800 display ad templates running across the Yahoo network of Web sites.

Instead, major Yahoo's rival - Google intended to test a new type of ad platform which aimed to showcase products in its sponsored links that would appear alongside search results.

Today Google has launched a major UK auction-based video ad platform for YouTube to increase ad revenues for the video-sharing site and attract new advertisers.

Promoted Videos serves thumbnail video ads against search results on YouTube, with advertisers bidding on keywords in an auction model. Newmediaage announces that it’s the latest in a series of moves by Google to create sustainable advertising formats on YouTube, but the first to place YouTube video ad results next to the site’s search results.

This way, Promoted Video results will replace the current text-based Sponsored Links results which are served through AdSense, although Google may continue to serve text links where there aren’t enough video ads in auctions.

Google is looking to capitalise on the huge expansion of the online video market, which grew 195% year on year, according to the latest IAB/PricewaterhouseCoopers figures (Newmediaage 1 October 2009).

The move coincides with the imminent launch of official long-form content on YouTube, with Google understood to have agreed deals with partners including ITV and Channel 4 (Newmediaage 21 May 2009) signifying a major ramp-up of the video-sharing site’s services.

The reaction of advertisers on Google's new move was generally a positive one, although a new dilemma appeared related to the most appropriate charging model: either CPC or reach/frequency model, since there's no guarrantee that a click would naturally lead to a view withough any possible drop-outs.

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