Thursday, November 19, 2009

Social Media Feed: LinkedIn to become the 1st Professional Network - integrated into Microsoft Outlook

These days it becomes more common for Search Engines to adopt "Socially-friendly" techniques, incorporating social media tools into either their search functions (e.g Google, Yahoo and MSN sealing a month ago Twitter search deals) or even - products.

With this in mind, Microsoft announced yesterday its new product launch - Microsoft Office 2010, containing a new addition - the Outlook Social Connector (LinkedIn Blog report)

The Outlook Social Connector is aiming to bring communications history and social networking feeds into the new Outlook experience.

LinkedIn will be the first networking site to support the Outlook Social Connector.
Thus, Outlook Inbox will integrate Network Updates, showing latest LinkedIn activity. Additionally, Outlook users who will be able to email their Linkedin connections directly and connect to a contact’s professional network directly.

As it seems, online experience tends to become more versatile and customized, following the latest trend: "Web accessible to everyone", which I'll discuss in details later on.

For further details, click below:

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Anonymous said...

Well Linkedin is the leader in terms of the professional network

Nadya Tatarciuc said...

Agree, suppose that's why Microsoft decided to integrate its content. Would be great to see what other SMO tools will be adopted.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing LinkedIn is "the first connector" to integrate into Microsoft's social connector. Is it really available or are they the first announced? I go to the links and they just say they will work with it.

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