Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facebook Can Now Tell Who "Likes" What!

If you're tapping into the online business world - having good analytics is always key. As announced recently at the f8 conference, the new tool brought by Facebook - Insights Dashboard is a revamped set of analytics on (anonymized) user data. Hereby, Facebook promissed that its new tool may provide you with better metrics for your Facebook applications, websites, and also Pages:

What is it useful for?

Well, the new Insights dashboard claims to be your single source for all your Facebook analytics:

  • Websites: Fully-integrated sites and those that use social plugins or add a non-integrated domain in one easy step
  • Applications: Including canvas, mobile, device, and desktop applications
  • Facebook Pages: Including Pages created on and (which created quite a lot of stir recently, being thought as a next big "social innovation") those that are part of the Open Graph protocol
Following Google Analytics model (although in a less extended manner), Facebook's new tool offers analytics around specific stories liked on your website, or how many users commented on posts made on your Page .

Thus, the tools show mostly sharing data, in terms of broad demographics- (eg. certain stories emailed or "Liked" by males/females of a certain age) . The demographics include gender, age, country, city and also language, being accompanied by some nice-looking charts and graphs.

It's a nice tool especially for content owners and developers, who can now tell who referred their app to customers, how long customers use their software, and get some hints on how to market it.

As for the deriving privacy issues, Facebook assures "this is anonymized aggregate data and does not include personally identifiable information," so try not to worry too much and focus on your audience instead.

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