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Hi all, let me introduce myself - my name is Nadya and I've been happily doing PR for years, before I realized that working in digital marketing is my next "wanna-be".

I started this blog aiming to be always in the loop of news/trends that are changing traditional PR & marketing and make it further open to the online space. Also, selected news are checked against at least 3 valuable sources (my PR old school:) and I'm always happy to hear for new suggestions/ideas - we can discuss them all here.

Blogging has always been a passion ever since getting the first taste of it some years back and finding that it is just so addictive...Since starting Digital Lunch I blogged about social media, email and mobile marketing, digital reputation (which is truly amazing), new media's evolution in other parts of the world - as China, Russia, Spain etc (anywhere where it's becoming pretty significant)and also gave away some industry tips, which have worked for me and hopefully may be of use to you too - it’s all here ready for you to read:)

I’ve also had the chance to meet other bloggers, made lots of friends, via this and other blogs, also via comments left on this blog and I hope to keep going for as long as possible, so please browse the blog and enjoy.

I’m also proud to announce that Digital Lunch is a G rated blog and is ideal for All Ages:

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Some of the other sites I author:

Social Media Marketing
UK Marketing Community and

Some History:

I've crafted my way from PR into the "digital space" by firstly becoming an MSc Marcom graduate at the Uni of Birmingham,UK. In the meantime I found myself tapping into social media alongside Cadbury UK and Jaguar & Land Rover Cars (as their summer PR Intern, witnessing 1st ever worldwide digital launch of a luxury car model) and that's when my "affair" with digital marketing actually took off. My current journey stop is at one of the largest European digital marketing companies, where I'm happily embracing online marketing knowledge working in the retail team for such brands as The Body Shop, Net-A-Porter, Interflora, Gap a.o.

Again, thanks for stopping by and feel free to connect further on, suggest new ideas or contribute as a guest writer (if you have some good ideas/info don't keep it to yourself - make it heard), so that we can all share some "digestible" E-marketing Food for Thought!

You can find me on Li: Nadya Tatarciuc Birca
Twitter: @Digilunch and of course - here:)

Always positive,

Nadya @Digilunch
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