Saturday, July 11, 2009

Russia Feed: Misteriously disappearing 3-D Sprite posters in Moscow underground

A few weeks earlier, a creative agency in Moscow working on Sprite's new national campaign "Thirst Free!" was witnessing misterious disappearance of their newly crafted posters placed in Moscow underground.
Their design was particularly unusual, emulating the emergency kits - boxes with refrigerated Sprite bottles inside. While trying to portray the real image of the bottle, the designers employed a 3-D technology, which was supposed to help raise "the sensation of thirst "(, 10.07.2009). Instead, the public reaction went far beyond company's expectations. Perhaps, the thirst sensation lead some enthusiasts even further,as posters started to disappear one by one in just no time. Since the remained posters' amount was limited, the authors came up with an innovative solution, addressing the audience in the same places used before. Thus, the new range of black&white posters were announcing the disappearance of the previous one. Even though no poster was yet returned, the message effect was undoubtful.

I invite you to see bellow the creative work done by: "Rodnaya Rechi" agency for Sprite Russia, 2009:

The announcement bellow sais: "Looking for holographic Sprite posters. Last seen here yesterday. Special characeristics: Raises an immense desire of drinking Sprite. If found, please call on the following hotline number.."

That's what I call: a 2-way communication, even though "guilty" audience didn't engage directly with the authors, they definetely influenced the creative change of campaign direction.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful PR campaign, I can only imagine how far and wide the resulting media coverage went. Such a campaign is priceless! How much are these posters worth on Ebay?
Jim P

Anonymous said...

On Ebay..why not? Since it all went viral:)

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