Monday, February 22, 2010

The World's Most Trusted Brands: Amazon, Nokia..

What do we trust the brands for? Is it their image that associates to our own, their usage that meets our needs or their promise that we usually see in advertising messages or communication platforms?

Some statistics first:

- 85% of consumers around the world are willing to change the brands they buy or their consumption habbits; (Environmental Leader, 2008)

- 72% of consumers say they purchase a brand because it supports a cause they believe in; (PR Week, 2007)

According to the study released today by Milward Brown - Nokia was named the Most Trusted Brand in 8 out of 22 listed countries: Italy, Russia, China, Taiwan, Poland, Hungary,Thailand and Sweden. The research company used metrics based on "trust" and "recommendation" asking customers to answer on 2 questions:

1. "how trustworthy is the brand?" and
2. "would you recommend this brand?"

Although "trust" is a rather stretched term meaning different things to different people, the answers collected in research gave a hint to determine brands' "likability" and "the power of purchase", according to their "recommendation" index.

It's curious the fact that different countries "trust" different brands, still the chosen ones are: either global or local - leaders. Thus, scored the highest in the US (where online shopping became a "no-wonder" habbit), Toyota - in Canada, and Pampers - in UK, Germany and France, as shown below:

Even though online brands such as Amazon and Microsoft are showing up in major world markets, apparently people are more inclined to trust and recommend "material" goods, rather than intangible assets. Should the reason be in "the engagement power"? If so, than online brands might be soon keeping the pace with offline performers.

What's your call? How should a brand earn your trust?

Curious to hear,

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Web Solutions on February 23, 2010 at 10:09 AM said...

For any Brand trustworthy is important factor but this is not only the parameter, because reliability and usability of the brand also important factor for customers.We recommend any brand because they are able to providing true service on his own expertise area.
Either Nokia, Colgate, Amazon or any brand if they want to maintain his brand image, they needs innovative with his own products but also customer must be in his mind, what they(Customer) actually want from that particular brands.

thank You

Digital Lunch Team said...

Hi,there. Thank you for your comment. No doubt we consider all of the brand's aspects when giving it our vote of trust. Yet it's incredible how we tend to consider online brands based on recommendations and users' sentiment.

Best regards,

Digital Lunch Team

Digital Lunch Team said...

Amazon hits again: According to Fast Company's Top Most Innovative Companies of 2010 ranking - Amazon became the 2nd listed company, preceded by Facebook and followed by Google (4th position). Here's the link:


Digital Lunch Team

Anonymous said...

A brand must earn my trust through product quality, customer service and warranty service.
To me, customer service is part of the quality package. Only after the brand, whether material goods or intangible assests, earns my trust after repeated use, will I recommend the product enthusistically.


Nadya on February 28, 2010 at 11:30 AM said...

Thank you, Grace. Customer service is an essential part of trust building, agree with you.


Annelise Park on May 8, 2012 at 2:56 PM said...

hello, i would like to use this article as a reference for my thesis papers, do you mind if you let me know exact date/month/year the article was originally posted? Thank you very much!


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