Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smartphones Drive 600% Growth in Mobile Usage!

Ever noticed how often we're starting to forget about the basic purpose of a mobile phone - voice communication? We text, share, transfer data, browse the Internet etc - and all that because there's a constant lack of time and there're new options that smarty Smartphones are happy to serve with. Yet, how popular these options have become?

Bango Analytics
registered 600% growth in traffic to mobile websites. The company analyzed traffic to a range of mobile sites over the last 12 months, sampling across 50 million phone users worldwide.

Main findings refer to :

1. mobile usage: 6 times higher number of visits to mobile websites, when comparing December 2009 with the same month a year earlier;

2. Average time spent on site (ATS): 3 minutes and 21 seconds;

3. Average number of pages viewed per visit: 5 pages, as compared to only 2 pages per visit a year ago.

Also, these site-level figures have increased by an average of 230% compared to only a year ago. The main categories for mobile browsing are news, sports and general media sites (including newspapers), mobile content downloads, social networking and retail sites.

The study has also noticed that major mobile web support comes from smartphones, with Blackberry accounting for 17%, followed by Nokia and iPhone.

Does that mean that we're facing a trend of users' migration: from online to mobile platforms? That brings me to an other curiosity: Who's going to win the debate in future: Face-to-face communication (FFC) or Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)?

I guess that's an other E-marketing Food for Thought...
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Jennifer Iannuzzi on April 5, 2011 at 10:28 AM said...

It will be interesting to see these stats change as carriers eliminate their unlimited data plans. Where will consumers choose to spend their precious bandwidth?

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