Sunday, February 14, 2010

White House announces: "Barack Obama’s Twitterer" - wanted!

President Barack Obama is looking for an official Twitterer - was yesterday's nation-wide call across the US, announced by Wall Street Journal for the new job post at the White House.

According to the Democratic National Committee - the job description for a “social networks manager” position requires the person to maintain the President’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

The selected candidate will be working closely with the rest of the new media department to execute grassroots campaigns to advance the President’s agenda for change. Curious mentioning: among the qualifications sought: "ready to work hard" and "this isn’t a 9-5 sort of job."

It's globally known that Obama’s team used the Internet, email marketing and social-media tools throughout his candidacy. His Election campaign was named as Best Digital Campaign so far (AMA). More over He now has more than 3 million followers on Twitter and nearly 7.5 million Facebook fans.

However, he admitted that he doesn’t use Twitter personally, being "too clumsy to type onto his phone", as he confessed during his trip to China in November.

Wall Street Journal posted an interesting question, I'd be curious to find myself the answer on: How many layers of management are required to approve every "Obama's" posts on Facebook or Twitter feeds?

Obviously, social media isn't a cheap marketing activity - it definitely requires a solid infrastructure behind.

Digital Lunch Team
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Brian said...

True, social media isn't cheap: human resources and communication platforms - need serious investments, moreover if we're considering long-term investments. Cheers,

@Digilunch said...

Thank you for this comment, Brian. Check out for further E-Marketing news & trends,

Digital Lunch Team

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