Monday, April 19, 2010

How Much is Too Much? - when it comes to : Data Overload...

Have you ever wondered what's the average daily exposure of commercial data per person? Researches claim that consumers' are exposed to nearly 3500 brand messages per day. I was surprised seeing a curious video reflection of what we call today "commercial overload": Studio Smack delivers an interesting execution captured in a black & white theme to help "notice the unnoticeable", via Enjoy the virtual trip:


P.S. What might be the solution? Personalized data filters - our conscious efforts tailored to what we really want to see/hear. Here's what Clay Shirky mentioned on a recent Web 2.0 Expo in NY:

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Ray Marlow said...

Great video, lovely execution, thx for sharing!!

Ray, UK

Dieter on May 6, 2011 at 3:23 AM said...

It is often forgotten in this argument that the current messages will remain and the takers for personalised data filters will receive messages more personalised to their to their lifestyles in addition to the messages already around them.

It is also not often said that the privacy of the individual will be put at risk as privacy laws become more lenient to accommodate what will eventually be common practice among advertises in the race to know their customers better. Finally the other unfortunate thing will be that others will know all about you based on the advertisements they see you receive when looking over your shoulder.

...Just a thought, and something well worth thinking about while waving goodbye to your privacy.

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