Monday, April 19, 2010

An Out-of-Box use of Facebook Connect by Stella Artois

Why I've chosen to share this campaign' link? As mentioned in previous post, brands are currently targeting consumers wherever they go: be that outside - on the streets, inside - on message boards, on newspapers' pages, on TV screens, online and even on mobile phones. Reaching consumers and holding their attention is an uneasy task today, since consumers became prosumers and their voice may put the brand forward, in exchange for a swmall "reward": motivational engagement.

Stella Artois seems to have learned the brand engagement lesson: instead of simply announcing a new competition,it created an entire scenario for Facebook users, ready to entertain themselves by becoming part of a personalized "detective-like" movie scene:

What's required? By connecting your Facebook page you're allowed to enter the competition. You will then be witnessing the unfolding investigation aiming to find the missing heir of the last will: you'll be surprised to see who bacame the target, since the personalized features will show up at precisely this stage:

Even if the competition results won't determine your candidature as the legitimate heir entitled to experience an unforgettable trip to the Cannes' Festival, you'll be still having some "gift" options:

- to share a movie featuring your friends as actors and
- to watch online one of Cannes' winning movies for free, at your choice.

Clever approach. Btw, the brand will have its most precious reward instead - free word-of-mouth, shared earned media with a bit of user-generated-content taste.

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Anonymous said...

Really clever!! tried it out, felt in a middle of some "Colombo-like" scene:) funny,too!!

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