Monday, August 16, 2010

How to Schedule Your Gmail/Outlook emails?

Have you heard so far of Boomerang for Gmail? The service claims to be able to help you schedule the exact time and day for sending your emails. Say you'd like to set a recurring task for certain days, to be able to notify your colleagues or maybe clients (in which case that could be an add-on to your e-mail marketing campaign), or just to send a greeting card to your friends on a Birthday occasion? Would be a nice idea,wouldn't it?

Since Gmail doesn’t allow you to schedule your emails - there's instead a third-party application claiming to be able to do that - Boomerang for Gmail, which is an extension for Firefox and Chrome browser (also available for Mac).

I've found about its existance today and here're the benefits & drawbacks I learned from:

1. Benefits:

- You can schedule when to read/answer on your incomming emails:

- You can set and automatic delivery of your draft emails at any time in the future

2. Drawbacks:

- There may occur mistakes while scheduling emails containing attachments:

Possible mistakes - the email body may disappear, while the attachment may be duplicated. Obviously, not a welcoming occuring.

- Lack of data integrity (the email may be sent with or without the intended attachment).

Whether it was just in my case or it's more of a common issue Boomerang is currently facing - we don't know, as there hasn't been any official statement on it so far. Anyway, you're more than welcome to check it yourselves and decide if this free app would be useful for yourselves:
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