Friday, September 24, 2010

Online Advertising gets Product Extensions - now live in UK!

Google has launched Product Extensions, its new AdWords feature, in the UK, which aims to further enhance ads by including more relevant and specific information.

Product Extensions, first trialled in the US last November, is rolling out to UK advertisers today as an added-value feature which won’t incur any additional charges.

According to Google's official blog, Product Extensions lets advertisers select specific products within their AdWords account that appear within paid ads if triggered by certain keyword searches. These can also include product titles and prices.

Important Take-Away:

The same cost-per-click fee will be charged regardless of whether a user clicks on the main text ad or offers within the plusbox, which in turn will click through to the site. But there’ll be no charge if a user expands the plusbox but doesn’t click through to the advertiser’s site.

So-far results (as seen on the US market):

Google's blog: "Advertisers using product extensions have found that the additional product information has helped improve the performance of their search campaigns. For example,, reported seeing a 9% increase in conversion rates for their ads with product extensions."

How to Set it Up?

First, log in to Google Merchant Center and add your AdWords customer ID to your account. Then, simply log in in to AdWords, select the campaign and navigate to the Ad Extensions tab. To add product extensions to an existing campaign, click the ‘New Extension’ button. No need to create new campaigns or ad groups, update your keywords or change your ad text.

Recent important Updates from Google:

- Earlier this month the search giant launched Google Instant, a function designed to speed up searching by serving natural and paid search results as a user types in their query, prompting suggestions for what they’re looking for.

- Google has also changed its UK policy to let some advertisers use third-party trademarks in their ad copy without necessarily having approval from the trademark owner. This went live on 14 September.

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