Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekly Review - Introducing AIType Text Predictor

Hi everyone. I've started a new section aiming at reviewing sites that either I or you stumble upon while browsing the web and find it both handy & entertaining, basically anything you'd consider worth sharing.
I'll start the ball rolling out with AIType - a handy online text predictor for those finding writing texts both challenging and time-consuming.

AIType kicked off as a tool for folks who generally speak and understand a language but aren’t quite secure with some of the rules and conventions:

The tool promises to become very helpful to foreigners who find it often difficult to build up phrases in the context a native speaker would do. Some of its major advantajes:

- Auto-Correction and Auto-Replacement (The Text Predictor will suggest the correct spelling of words);

- Getting Translation to your native language (currently 13 languages are supported). The translation is online, and it helps you pick the right word by looking at the desired translation:


- Suggests words and phrases according to their context The Text Predictor claims to be able to understand the context in which the text is written and suggests accordingly the next word to be written.

Being based on a catalog of phrases, the system searches for the next applicable word and lets you translate that word into your own language, ensuring you mean what you say. To be fair, as any beta-verson t’s not perfect. For example, some words feature more prominently than others in the list, leading to mistakes in word choice.

Nevertheless, tools like AIType are meant to help folks write better. It works like a 3 in 1 "writing kit": a combination of spell check, grammar checker, and Google Scribe. AIType is free and you can download it right now to add its features to almost any Windows application (no OS X support yet).

Hope you found it useful. Also, if you've spotted a nice handy website, offering some tools/add-on benefits - feel free to share!

Always positive,

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