Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Drop Down Adwords Ads - PPC gaining or losing?

The below might be a proof for a new PPC-oriented beta-project launched by Google and currently being tested in the US. Although there's no official statement made by the company yet, the screenshots I've collected today on the web have just been placed on some US-based PPC/SEO blogs who may have noticed a new feature for web search users - the new drop-down Adwords ads.

The screen shots below show how AdWords top ads can expand to eight additional ads. When expanded, you may see a total of 11 ads, followed by the free organic Google search results:

and an expanded view:

An other US-based PPC blogger has noticed a 3 ads drop-down listing:

Quite an interesting move, right? Although both sources are seeing it mostly beneficial for traffic drive I'm just wondering:
- what if the new drop-down arrow will prove less popular than expected?
- what if the add-on ads will remain mostly..unnoticed?
- would that really be an "additional" #1 spot or just a new advertising push - relevant (according to Google) but "fluffy" enough to eclipse natural search listings?

In a dilemma..

Yours, @Digilunch

P.S Many thanks to Boris who has shared with me the 1st source, so that I could pick it up and share the news.
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Anonymous said...

Great info. I imagine that users will either not notice or choose not to expand out the ads - especially where they can find the answer in the natural results.

Nadya on November 20, 2010 at 2:17 PM said...

Cheers, for your comment - I've got the same doubts. So far - no other sources confirmed having seen this, so it might be a matter of time until we see the actual product rolling on..


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