Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook - launching "New Generation Email"

In February we've heard about a new project Facebook was secretly working on, called "Project Titan" (a web-based email client) which according to TechCrunch findings was internally unofficially referred to as “Gmail killer”. This has now officially turned into a personal @facebook.com email addresses for users!

As Telegraph mentions - "Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and chief has effectively hailed the end of email for the next web generation calling the system ‘too slow and formal’, while launching the social network’s new messaging service".

Although it might be too early to end a long-lasting dispute of Facebook vs. email vs."battle", the social network founder insists on its several competitive advantages:

- the new system will combine Facebook’s instant messaging system, SMS, Facebook messages and email in one place,
- it will also keep all conversation history in once screen shot (on both emails or IMs);
- also, it would allow people to reply seamlessly across multiple devices to different types of messages.
- an finally - the new system will be based on the premise of the ‘social inbox’: it would have certain "filtering options", which are announced to be able to work better than email spam detectors and will prioritise key contacts’ messages. Quite frankly, this statement reminds of Google's Saint Graal "relevancy, relevancy and again - guess what?.."

Thus, the intended aim is to combine all types of messaging in one place, allowing people to reply in real-time.

In terms of future plans, Zuckerberg has announced that the system is intended to be able to sync with other email accounts in the future - in which case an alliance with current competitor Google would be inevitable?

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