Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tokyo: Mobile Marketing going further with - Mobile 3D screens!

Japanese electronics makers have announced their 3D related plans..- this time on mobile phones! The big news is that they are putting 3D displays on mobile phones and don't require 3D glasses.

"In the 2D era, contents and infrastructure have spread from movies to homes, and from homes to mobile devices," Sharp exec Yoshisuke Hasegawa told a gathering of reporters in Tokyo, according to Reuters. "We believe the same thing will happen with 3D. Three-dimensional images that mostly inhabit big screens now are about to hit mobile terminals."

After Avatar has hit its global 3D verve, James Cameron announced earlier this year: "We've demonstrated that the 3D market is an extremely lucrative market and this is not a fad, this is not something that is going to go away," director James Cameron said earlier this year. Undoubtedly, there're a lot of new opportunities blue chip brands are seeing in 3D screens' expansion (as shown in previous post: "Avatar Brand Culture").

Sharp exec insists on the same reasons James Cameron believes in - 3D being an extremely promising market for both end-recipients and advertisers:

Still, there're issues to be taken into account related to users'comfort, since the clarity of 3D effects appear to be directly depending on a certain angle's position. Sharp's new device was tested by bloggers who noticed that the 3D screen quickly turns blurry if the device isn't held in the right manner.

PC World representative predicts though a "not-so-fast 3D mobile expansion", mentioning : "The problem is that cell phone users don't rigidly hold their handsets at a fixed distance and viewing angle. They look at the screen while reclining on a couch or laying in bed, and they move around to get comfortable. Trying to get a 3D illusion will quickly become tiring..."

So, is it new and engaging? At this point in time 3D screens on Mobile gadgets are new and thus attractive, as for the engagement - I believe consumers' insights may give the right answers! Therefore, Sharp - listen to your audience and well-done for the bloggers' testing part!(for now:)
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